The Carpool Program encourages eligible University of Florida and UF Health faculty and staff members to share the ride to and from campus.

Each two-person Carpool group is assigned to a reserved Carpool permit-restricted area for parking. It should be noted that unless otherwise indicated, Carpool spaces are reserved until 9:30 am Monday through Friday. After 9:30 am, the Carpool spaces will revert to the same permit restrictions as the other spaces in that parking area. At that time, Carpool permit holders may still park if a space is available, but other drivers who have the appropriate permit for that area may also park in the Carpool spaces. Carpoolers arriving after 9:30 am may also park in Orange, Blue, or Green areas if a space is available.


Carpool Permit Pricing And Application

  • $198/year per carpool member

The first step to receiving a UF Carpool permit is to fill out and print the Carpool permit application and bring it to the Transportation and Parking Services Customer Relations Office. Both primary members of the prospective Carpool group must come to the office in order to purchase their permits.


Carpool Program Eligibility and Rules

Carpool groups consist of two (2) registered members (additional riders are welcome and strongly encouraged, but only two will be registered members). Both registered members must be full time, benefits-eligible UF or UF Health employees. Both are required to work compatible day-shift schedules on the main campus and live along a reasonable commuting path. The primary, registered Carpool members must commit to riding together on a majority of days during the permit year.

Carpool permits are not transferable among program members. Participants must display both permits issued for their Carpool group only. If a Carpool group disbands, both permits must be returned before a new group can be formed.


Emergencies And Occasions When Unable To Carpool

The Emergency Ride Home Program allows participants in the Carpool Program to leave campus in the event of an unexpected personal or family emergency. A member of the TAPS or UFPD staff will drive you home in an official vehicle, or TAPS will reimburse you for cab fare home upon submission of a valid receipt and approval by TAPS (please obtain cab fare approval from TAPS prior to 4:00 PM).

Registered Carpool members may purchase up to six (6) one-day permits per semester at half price for use in other, non-Carpool permit-restricted parking areas.

On an occasional basis when one member of the group is unable to carpool, the other member still may park in the Carpool zone as long as their vehicle displays both Carpool permits for their group. The non-carpooling member’s vehicle may not use the Carpool zone but may use a one-day permit and park in the appropriate permit-restricted lot. It is important to note that a one-day permit may not be used in a Carpool zone.

Only one Carpool member’s vehicle may park in any of the Carpool zones on campus at any time. If more than one Carpool member parks in any of the Carpool areas at the same time, both vehicles are subject to receiving parking citations. Remember: a single Carpool permit by itself is not valid for parking anywhere on campus.


Penalties For Misuse

Individuals falsely participating in the Carpool Program shall be subject to a $150 fine, plus the cost of the equivalent parking decal for False Registration, vehicle impoundment and loss of Carpool parking privileges for the remainder of the current permit year and the following permit year. Creating a Carpool group which does not result in members actually riding together on a majority of days during the permit year will result in a citation for False Registration upon discovery.

TAPS welcomes participation in the Carpool Program by individuals who comply with the spirit and the intent of the program. If you are unable to observe the rules, please explore other commuting alternatives in order to avoid fines and penalties.