Campus Cab by Lyft

Campus Cab by Lyft provides free transportation for University of Florida faculty and staff engaged in official business between the hours of 7:45 AM – 5:15 PM, Monday – Friday. Service is provided to the Main Campus, East Campus, and to several UF-owned off-campus locations.

To be eligible for coverage, rides must be taken for official UF business purposes using Lyft Standard service, and they must begin and end in the Campus Cab by Lyft service area during the program hours.

All qualifying Campus Cab by Lyft rides will automatically include a 20% gratuity at no expense to the rider. Riders may also add an additional tip amount at their own expense to supplement the automatic gratuity if so desired.

Important Information For Campus Cab by Lyft Customers

Rides must be scheduled using the mobile Lyft app in order to receive the program discount. Customers should always use their Lyft personal profile to request rides – to check whether your profile is signed up for the program discount, go to the Payment tab in your Lyft app menu, and you should see “Campus Cab by Lyft” listed under the Lyft Pass section.

Rides must begin and end within the program’s geofenced service zone (see map below) to qualify for coverage. Please make sure your driver picks you up within the service zone – preferably directly outside the UF building or location you’re leaving from or traveling to – in order to ensure that your ride is covered by the program discount.

For best results, please use a personal email address (GMail, Hotmail, etc.) as the primary address on your Lyft account. Your UF email address will be used to sign up for the Campus Cab by Lyft program discount, and using the same address for your account and your discount may cause the Lyft system to process your rides incorrectly.

For fastest service on any issues or concerns with a Campus Cab by Lyft ride, please contact Lyft Support directly through the Help tab in your Lyft app’s menu or by using Lyft’s online help portal.

Scroll down to view the Campus Cab by Lyft FAQ for additional important information to help you use the program.

Campus Cab Map

For a mobile-friendly map, click here

Campus Cab by Lyft FAQ

  • Who is eligible to use Campus Cab by Lyft?
    Current full-time UF TEAMS and USPS faculty and staff members who are engaged in official UF business may sign up and use the service. Unfortunately, UF Health does not participate in the Campus Cab by Lyft program, so UF Health employees are not eligible to sign up for and participate in Campus Cab by Lyft. Additionally, UF faculty and staff engaged in personal business on campus, OPS or student employees, students, and visitors are not eligible to sign up for Campus Cab by Lyft.
  • How do I sign up for Campus Cab by Lyft?
    There are two simple steps: first, create a Lyft account personal profile using the free Lyft app. Please make sure to create your Lyft account using a personal email address (GMail, Yahoo Mail, etc) since you’ll be using your UF address later to sign up for the Campus Cab by Lyft program discount, and using the same address for both the account and the discount will prevent the discount from working correctly. For a step-by-step guide on creating your account, please visit Lyft’s “How To Create An Account” page.
    Next, send us an email from your UF account to let us know you’d like to sign up for Campus Cab by Lyft. Once your eligibility to participate is verified, we’ll notify Lyft to send you an invitation email. The invitation email will contain a link which allows you to sign up for the program – simply click the link and the Campus Cab by Lyft details will automatically be added to your Lyft account for future use, and eligible rides will automatically be provided at no cost to you.
    Two important points to remember for the account creation process:
    – Clicking the link in the Lyft invitation email will automatically create a Lyft business profile for your UF email address and link the Campus Cab discount to that profile. Please be sure that you don’t create your own business profile with your UF email address in the Lyft app prior to receiving and using the invitation email, though, as that will prevent you from being able to receive the Campus Cab by Lyft discount. You should only create a Lyft account personal profile with a non-UF email address, and then clicking through the invitation email will create the Campus Cab business profile with your UF address and provide the discount.
    – For best results, please open and click through the Lyft invitation email on your phone rather than on a computer.
  • Which rides are eligible for Campus Cab by Lyft coverage?
    In order to be eligible for coverage, your ride must:

    • use Lyft Standard service
    • begin and end inside the Campus Cab by Lyft service area
    • be taken within the program hours of 7:45am-5:15pm
    • and be taken for official UF business purposes.

    IMPORTANT: Please note that higher-level services and ride upgrades (Lyft XL, Priority Pickup, etc) are not eligible for coverage through Campus Cab by Lyft. Adding these ineligible upgrades to your ride will cause the full cost of the ride to be charged to your personal account.

  • How do I schedule a ride with Campus Cab by Lyft?
    Schedule rides directly through the Lyft app. Open the app, enter your ride details, and the “Campus Cab by Lyft” program discount will automatically bill TAPS for your eligible rides with no cost to your Lyft account.
  • Who should I contact for questions or problems with my Campus Cab by Lyft rides?
    For the fastest response on any questions about the service, please contact Lyft Help directly by choosing “Help” from your Lyft app menu.
    You can also use the Lyft Help online portal to contact Lyft Help with any questions or issues.
  • Will rides be provided on-demand when I want them, or can I pre-schedule them in advance?
    Campus Cab by Lyft will primarily provide on-demand service – just open the Lyft app and request a ride whenever you’re ready to go. However, the service will also allow pre-scheduled rides to be entered up to 7 days in advance of the date when transportation is needed. For a step by step guide to pre-scheduling rides in the Lyft app, please visit Lyft’s pre-scheduling help page.
    Please note that if you pre-schedule a ride, though, the checkout screen for that ride will not become available until the actual day of service. Once your driver arrives to pick you up on that date, if your ride is eligible, the Campus Cab by Lyft program discount will automatically apply to it.
  • Can I schedule rides for other people with Campus Cab by Lyft?
    No, Campus Cab by Lyft does not allow members to schedule rides for other people. If you schedule a ride with the program, you must be a passenger in the vehicle, as the driver will need to verify your name and photo on your Lyft app when picking you up. However, you can have up to three additional people ride with you on any scheduled trip, since each Campus Cab by Lyft ride can accommodate a total of four passengers.
  • Can I use Campus Cab by Lyft for personal trips as well as trips for official UF business?
    No, Campus Cab by Lyft service will be available only for official UF business trips. Eligible trips include business meetings, work-related classes, official events, or other UF business purposes. However, please note that personal trips are not eligible and cannot be funded by TAPS. Ineligible trips include riding to or from your workplace from a parking area at the beginning and end of the day, lunches, shopping or other personal errands. Violations of the intended use of the service may result in the discontinuation of your ridership privileges, so thank you for your compliance.
  • Which areas of campus and Gainesville does Campus Cab by Lyft serve?
    Campus Cab by Lyft provides service to the main UF campus, East Gainesville campus, and UF-owned properties immediately adjacent to the main campus, plus the Gainesville airport and UF-owned properties on SW Williston Road. A map of the service area is located here: Campus Cab by Lyft Service Area.
    You’ll no longer need to wait at specifically-designated pickup points for your ride – just enter the physical addresses where you’d like to be picked up and dropped off, and Lyft’s drivers will handle the rest.
  • Can I take rides out of the Campus Cab by Lyft service area?
    To be eligible for Campus Cab by Lyft coverage, rides must begin and end in the Campus Cab by Lyft service area within the normal hours of operation and be taken for official UF business purposes. However, once you’ve created your Lyft account, you’re welcome to use Lyft service to take rides anywhere you’d like at your own expense.
  • Why does my Lyft app say that Campus Cab by Lyft benefits end on the last day of this month?
    Don’t worry about that, it’s simply a quirk in the way the Lyft system displays program details for discount programs like Campus Cab by Lyft. The program benefit renews monthly, so the app will always show the end of the current month as the end of the benefit, and that date will roll over and be updated to the end of each following month on the first day of that month.
  • I have a question that’s not addressed here – who should I contact?
    If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, please email it to us and we will respond as soon as possible.