Campus Cab

Campus Cab provides point-to-point transportation between the hours of 7:45 AM – 4:45 PM, Monday – Friday for University of Florida faculty and staff on the Main Campus, East Campus, and to selected UF-owned off-campus locations.

Unfortunately, UF Health does not participate in funding the Campus Cab program, and employees from those departments are not eligible to use the service. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

A map of our official designated stop locations is below. Please be aware that our drivers may only pick up and drop off customers at these locations.

Additional important information on our service is located on this page below the map. We ask that all our customers please familiarize themselves with this information to help facilitate a smooth transportation experience with Campus Cab.



Campus Cab Reservation Rules and Information

Request a Reservation
Email us at Please feel free to contact our dispatcher at (352) 392-RIDE (7433) for questions or concerns but please be aware that reservations must always be submitted by email.
All reservations are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
Due to high demand, we normally recommend submitting your reservation request as far ahead of time as possible. Our schedule is often fully booked days or weeks in advance, so we can’t always guarantee same-day service availability.
Please be aware that Campus Cab drivers may only wait for a maximum of three minutes as a grace period past your scheduled pickup time
We ask that our customers please help keep us on schedule and be courteous to your fellow riders by being at your pickup location and ready to leave at the scheduled time. If you miss a pickup by arriving after the grace period has ended, please contact dispatch at (352) 392-RIDE (7433), and we will attempt to return to pick you up whenever our schedule allows.
Campus Cab service is provided at no cost to our customers and is intended for official work-related business only.
Appropriate uses of the service include: official meetings and events, professional classes, trips to alternate work locations, transportation of employees performing courier services, and group transport to UF workplace events. Inappropriate uses include: personal luncheons, personal appointments or classes, trips to or from personal vehicles, and personal errands/shopping.
Due to COVID-19 cleaning efforts, Campus Cab reservations are currently scheduled every twenty minutes.
For example: 10 AM, 10:20 AM, 10:40 AM, etc. This allows us to clean high contact areas of the vehicles after every passenger trip while still meeting our scheduling and transit time requirements.
Campus Cab can currently only transport a maximum of two passengers per ride.
This passenger limitation is due to COVID-19 physical distancing requirements. If you need transportation for a larger group, please contact us at, and we will work to accommodate your request with multiple cabs or alternate vehicles. However, please be aware that availability of transportation for large groups may be limited, especially on short notice.
Reservations may be cancelled or changed by emailing us at
Please give us as much notice as possible when canceling your reservation so that we may use the canceled time slot for other customers.
If you have any questions related to the information above, please contact us at (352) 392-7433 (RIDE) or
** UF Health, the University Athletic Association, and several other auxiliaries are not participants in funding the Campus Cab program and we are unfortunately unable to transport passengers from those departments. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. **


To request a reservation, please email us at Please feel free to contact our dispatcher at (352) 392-RIDE (7433) for questions or concerns, but please be aware that reservations must always be submitted by email.


Important Rules And Information To Remember:

  • Campus Cab will pick up and deliver customers to a designated stopping point at or near their building. Official designated stopping points are shown on the map above. Drivers may only pick up and drop off customers at these approved stops.
  • Please be ready and waiting at the pick up location at the requested time. Due to demand, our drivers may only wait a maximum of 3 minutes after your scheduled pick up time before leaving for their next ride. Being ready on time for your ride will ensure that we are able to deliver you to your destination on schedule as well as helping to ensure that other customers with rides scheduled after you are also able to be picked up on schedule.
  • Please only carry on items that can fit in your lap, since our cabs do not have storage for additional large items. Also, please check to ensure that you have taken all your personal belongings with you before exiting the vehicle, as Campus Cab is not responsible for items left behind.
  • If you miss your departure ride and have a return ride scheduled for later in the day, the return ride will automatically be cancelled.
  • Disabled customers who require wheelchair access to a vehicle will be referred to our Gator Lift shuttle service for their transportation needs.
  • Campus Cab reserves the right to refuse any reservation.


We appreciate all our customers and thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work to provide you with the best possible service!