The Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol (SNAP) is a free, nightly, campus safety and transportation service for currently-enrolled UF students and is sponsored by UF Student Government, Student Traffic Court and UF Transportation and Parking Services. SNAP operates four to seven 15-passenger vans (depending on demand) seven nights a week from 6:30 PM – 3 AM during the Fall and Spring semesters and from 8:30 PM – 3 AM during the Summer semester.

Download The New UF SNAP By Spare App

As of Spring 2023, SNAP no longer uses the TapRide app for service. Instead, students should download our new UF SNAP by Spare app in order to request rides.

The UF SNAP by Spare app is free and available in the iOS and Android app stores and uses UF’s normal Gatorlink authentication process with two-step verification to allow students to sign in and request rides.

Important Tips For Using UF SNAP by Spare

  • Find the SNAP sign at your stop and wait on the sidewalk on either side of the road:
    Please be aware that the in-app GPS locations for most SNAP stops will show up in the center of the road rather than on the sidewalk. This change allows the Spare system to better track our vehicles in order to provide more timely pick-up and drop-off notifications, optimize wait times and provide more efficient service to our customers.

    However, it’s important to note that SNAP customers should stay off the road while waiting for their van. Please look for the physical SNAP sign on the side of the road next to your GPS stop location and wait nearby on the sidewalk on either side of the road for your SNAP driver to arrive.

  • You can only receive rides to and from SNAP’s approved stops on campus:
    The UF SNAP by Spare app will allow you to enter any address you like for your pick-up or drop-off, but your van won’t actually go to those addresses. Instead, the app will give you walking directions to the closest SNAP stop to the address you entered and provides an ETA for how long it will take a driver to arrive at that stop.

    If you’re typing your pick-up and drop-off locations in the search fields, SNAP’s approved stops will display with orange flag icons, and all other non-SNAP locations will display with red icons. If you’re setting your pick-up and drop-off locations using the map, SNAP’s approved stops will display as black dots.

    To see a map of SNAP’s approved stops, scroll down the page or click here.

  • View your driver’s ETA to pick you up BEFORE you submit the request:
    Once you start submitting a request, the UF SNAP by Spare app tells you how long it’ll be before your driver arrives at your stop. If SNAP is super busy at that moment, though, and you feel like the wait is too long, please don’t submit the request and cancel it! Cancelling a submitted ride request confuses the system and creates longer wait times for your fellow students.

    Please be aware that your driver may be directed to pick up other pooled riders while on their way to you, so make sure to check UF SNAP by Spare regularly for possible ETA changes after submitting your ride.

  • SNAP receives the most demand for service between the hours of 7:00 – 11:00pm each night:
    Please be patient and expect longer wait times during this period. UF SNAP by Spare’s internal algorithm automatically receives requests and assigns rides to drivers as quickly as possible depending on the level of demand that SNAP is experiencing at any given time during the night.
  • Track your van and be ready to board when your driver arrives:
    If your driver is running later than expected, you can always track your van’s route towards you on the app, and you’ll also receive a notification once the van is a couple of minutes away from your stop. It’s important to be ready and waiting at your stop when your driver arrives, since due to heavy demand for SNAP service, our drivers can only wait a maximum of one minute at each stop before leaving for their next destination.

Click here for our PDF tutorial on using UF SNAP by Spare!

Finally, if you’d prefer not to download the UF SNAP by Spare app, you can still request SNAP service by using the UF SNAP by Spare web portal. The web portal allows customers to submit ride requests and track their van in the same manner as the UF SNAP by Spare app and can be accessed from any browser.

We’re looking for great people to join our team!
SNAP employees start at $13/hour and enjoy flexible scheduling and a fun, fast-paced work environment – if you would like to become a SNAP employee and help make a difference for your fellow students’ safety, click below to apply:

Apply to Drive With SNAP

How To Request A SNAP Ride

To submit SNAP ride requests, please use the free UF SNAP by Spare app (available in the Android and iOS app stores). To contact SNAP directly for emergencies or questions about our service, please call (352) 392-SNAP (7627) during regular nighttime business hours.

Please be aware that SNAP can only transport current UF students and staff and cannot provide service for family members, guests or other companions, unless those individuals are also current UF students or staff members.

SNAP Vehicle and Staff Identification

Please be aware that SNAP vans will always be painted white and marked with SNAP and Transportation and Parking Services lettering (see our fleet images below for reference), and our employees will always be wearing either an orange or black and white SNAP/TAPS uniform shirt. Please do not accept any rides from anyone who is driving an unmarked vehicle or not wearing a SNAP/TAPS uniform – if you are approached by anyone like this and asked to ride with them, please notify UFPD as soon as possible at (352) 392-1111.

SNAP Fleet Images – click on each image below to enlarge it:

Map of SNAP Pickup/Dropoff Locations

For a mobile-friendly map, click here


SNAP History and Driver Requirements
SNAP was founded in 1976 as a subsidiary service of the UF Police Department and transitioned to management by UF Transportation and Parking Services in July 2016, where it makes up an important part of our comprehensive menu of campus transit services. The majority of SNAP employees are current UF students who have successfully passed a full personal background and driving history review and completed a 15-passenger van training program. In addition, SNAP student employees must also maintain a high academic standard and complete additional driving safety training each semester in order to remain employed. Along with our student staff, SNAP also employs several professional non-student drivers who have also completed backgroundalso must complete required driving and safety training each semester and undergo regular driving history checks.
How to Request a SNAP Ride
There are two ways to request a ride with SNAP. The preferred method for fastest service is to download the UF SNAP by Spare app, which is free and available from either the Android or iOS app stores, or to use the UF SNAP by Spare web portal. Once you download the app or access the portal, you’ll need to log in with your Gatorlink account and complete UF’s two-step verification process, following which you’ll be able to begin requesting rides. Alternately, you can also request a ride by calling 352-392-SNAP (7627) and speaking with one of SNAP’s dispatchers.
Where can SNAP Pick Up or Drop Off?
SNAP offers 85 designated official pick-up and drop-off stops across campus, and you can view those locations using the map above or through the UF SNAP by Spare app or web portal. When using the app or portal, our stops are designated with orange flag icons, and all other locations are designated with red marker icons. Please note that SNAP drivers are only allowed to pick up or drop off passengers at our official pick-up and drop-off stops.