The Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol (SNAP) is a free, nightly, campus safety and transportation service for students sponsored by UF Student Government, Student Traffic Court and UF Transportation and Parking Services. SNAP operates four to seven 15-passenger vans (depending on demand) seven nights a week from 6:30 PM – 3 AM during the Fall and Spring semesters and from 8:30 PM – 3 AM during the Summer semester.

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SNAP History and Driver Requirements
SNAP was founded in 1976 as a subsidiary service of the UF Police Department, and in July 2016 it became part of UF Transportation and Parking Services. All SNAP employees are UF Students who have passed a comprehensive background check, driving test, and have completed a 15-passenger van training course. In addition, SNAP employees must also maintain a high academic standard in order to remain employed. We also employ two professional drivers.
How to Request a SNAP Ride
There are two wasy to request a SNAP escort. The fastest, most recommended method is to download the TapRide SNAP app, which is free and available from either the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store. Once you download the app, please choose the “University of Florida SNAP” location and log in with your Gatorlink account. You can also call 352-392-SNAP (7627) and speak with one of SNAP’s dispatchers. When you reach the dispatcher, please provide your first name, number of student passengers, and pick-up location and destination so we can provide a SNAP ride for you at your location.
Where can SNAP Pick Up or Drop Off?
You can view SNAP’s official stopping points using the TapRide app or by using the Google map below. Please note that SNAP drivers are only allowed to pick up or drop off passengers at these official stopping points.

Map of SNAP Pickup/Dropoff Locations