Contractors And Vendors

The Commercial decal is available for purchase by contractors and vendors at the University of Florida.


How To Purchase a Commercial Parking Decal

Please visit the Transportation and Parking Services Customer Relations Office.

1273 Gale Lemerand Drive Gainesville, FL 32608
Monday – Friday (8 AM – 4:30 PM)

For more information, please call TAPS at (352) 392-PARK (7275).


Commercial Decal Eligibility and Pricing

Decal Type Eligibility Requirements Parking Options Price
Contractors and vendors at the University of Florida
*Students are not eligible to purchase a Commercial decal
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red 1
  • All Red
  • Brown
    (except where prohibited by signage)
  • “Any Decal”
Annual $576.00
Semester $192.00
Monthly $75.00
Daily $7.00


Contractor/Vendor Parking Rules and Regulations

Permanently Marked Contractor Vehicles (identified as being clearly and conspicuously marked with non-removable, non-transferable painted or vinyl lettering or company logos on both sides of the vehicle body):

  • May park in non-reserved, decal restricted parking lots including Orange, Blue, Commuter, Red, Brown and “All Decal” areas, with no decal required. They may not park in Gated areas, Carpool zones, reserved spaces, bike lanes, on the grass, on sidewalks, in no parking zones, etc. at any time.
  • May park in service drives, with no service drive permit required.
  • ┬áNote that magnetic signs, windshield placards, mirror hang-tags, notes, etc. are not considered permanent markings and provide no campus parking privileges whatsoever.

Unmarked Contractor Vehicles:

  • The company or vehicle owner may purchase a Commercial decal upon presenting a letter from the company, project manager or department substantiating the need to park on campus. The letter should include an expiration date when applicable.
  • The Commercial decal alone does not extend service drive parking privileges. Service drive privileges may be requested in the letter, which should include the reason why service drive privileges are needed. Upon approval by TAPS, a service drive permit will be issued in conjunction with the purchase of the Commercial decal.
  • Typically, service drive permits will display a time limit of 1 hour to facilitate the turnover of parking in these areas. If there is a need for a longer time limit, compelling justification should be provided in the letter. Service drive permits with no time limit are issued only under extraordinary circumstances.


Remote Contractor Parking

No-cost permits for parking in the remote contractor lot (currently west of 34th Street) will be provided by TAPS at the request of the project manager.


Compounds and Lay-Down Areas

No-cost permits for contractor parking in approved, fenced construction compounds and lay-down areas will be provided by TAPS at the request of the project manager.

The intent of this enforcement policy is to help control and reduce the amount of illegal parking on campus by holding repeat offenders accountable for their actions. Illegal parking reduces the amount of available parking and is unfair to those who have parking decals and properly adhere to UF regulations.