Frequently Asked Questions

What are Virtual Permits?
Virtual Permits use your license plate information and a connected database to identify your vehicle rather than a traditional affixed decal or hang tag permit. Similar to the traditional parking permit registration, Students, Faculty, and Staff must enter their information including license plate number, home address, e-mail, and phone number when ordering.
Why did UF change to virtual permits?
Virtual permits have numerous benefits including efficiency, sustainability, and cost. For example, our valued customers will immediately have access to park on campus upon purchasing online compared to waiting for a physical permit to arrive in the mail. It is also a more sustainable process as permits don’t need to be printed and then mailed. Finally, TAPS can more efficiently check lots and garages for violations, which will help to ensure only valid permit holders are parking on campus freeing up more spaces for you.
How will enforcement officers know that I purchased a permit?
Ensure your vehicle information is up-to-date when you buy your permit as TAPS utilizes Permit-by-License Plate for enforcement. This is why UF will require all vehicles to “Park Plate Out” unless you purchase a secondary plate from TAPS for $25 at the office on Gale Lemerand Drive. Enforcement officers will be able to see whether the vehicle associated with your license plate is authorized to park on campus. If you haven’t purchased a permit and you attempt to park on campus, you may receive a citation.
Can I still back into a parking spot?
Vehicles with 2 license plates (both front and rear) can back into parking spots. Alternatively, vehicles with only one rear license plate cannot back into parking spots unless a secondary plate is purchased from the TAPS office on Gale Lemerand Drive (cost is $25). This is to ensure that the license plate is facing the drive lane and can be read by the enforcement cameras.
What if I have more than one vehicle?
Up to three license plates may be associated with one parking permit, but only one vehicle on campus using the permit at a time.
What if I get a new vehicle/license plate?
It is very important that your vehicle information stays up-to-date and current. Anytime you have changes with your vehicle/license plate, be sure to log into your Gator Parking Portal and update your information. As soon as you complete your updates, the information will take effect.
What if I have a rental car?
Rentals are considered temporary vehicles, and the information needs to be added to your Parking Account as a temporary permit.
What if I have a newly registered vehicle with a temporary paper plate?
Log into your Parking Account Portal and update your plate with the new paper plate number.
Can I carpool with someone else? If so, how do I do this?
Absolutely! We encourage carpooling. All you need to do is make sure the person that you are carpooling with has registered their license plate, and that their name is listed as either the permit owner, their spouse, or an immediate family member.
What if I drive a different car to campus than the one that is on my account (rentals, additional personal vehicles, vending)?
Any vehicle that you intend to drive to campus must be listed in your account along with its license plate number, otherwise you will receive a citation. Please ensure your account vehicle information is up-to-date or you may receive a citation. You can register up to three vehicles to your permit, but only one can be on campus at a time.
What if I have 2 vehicles listed on my virtual permit and another person brings the second vehicle while I am already on campus?
If two vehicles are on campus under one permit, the permit-by-plate technology will recognize that second vehicle is invalid and will be cited.
Can I register my car to more than one permit?
Yes, as long as the license plate is registered as either the permit owner, their spouse, or an immediate family member.
Can my department still purchase Official Business Permits?
Yes, Official Business Permits are still valid until November 2022. The permits will continue to be a physical laminated permit until the renewal period in November 2022. Continue to place the permit on your dashboard as usual when in use.
Will I still be able to purchase daily, weekly and monthly parking passes?
Virtual daily, weekly, and monthly permits will become available to those wishing to purchase starting January 2023. For those who wish to purchase prior, please visit the Transportation and Parking Services Office on Gale Lemerand Drive to register in person.


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